A game first adventure

With play and earn mechanics

Crystals of Naramunz is a free-to-play multiplayer action RPG that all gamers will enjoy playing. Choose your character and embark on a journey to earn your own freedom! Mint items into NFTs and sell them for wealth or keep them for fame.

Power of minting

Earn, sell & Buy Non-Fungible Tokens

In Crystals of Naramunz you can earn, sell, and buy NFTs in the form of gear, pets, properties, sky islands, and airships on your journey to fame and freedom.

Stay tuned for upcoming NFT drops with limited-edition collectibles



The Crystals of Naramunz token

Once it's launched, NARZ will be the utility token of Crystals of Naramunz. While NARZ is not necessary to play the game, it does enhance the experience of doing so in various ways. A player with a connected wallet can then play and earn NFTs.

Stay tuned for our upcoming NARZ IDO

Token Audit

Our token is well secured


As a result of the audit, security engineers found no severity issues.



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